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the web of life in southern Africa

Archaeplastida (green algae, green seaweeds, red seaweeds, land plants)

Life > Eukaryotes

Genera in southern Africa


Genera: Cyanophora, Glaucocystis, Gloeochaete.


Rhodophyceae (red seaweeds, red algae)

Mostly marine, varying from microscopic single cells to large plants, with some tissue differentiation. Reproduction is sexual or asexual, the former being very complex. Their photosynthetic pigments are mainly chlorophyll a, carotene and biliproteins, the latter giving the characteristic red colour. [Text University of Cape Town Zoology Department]


Chloroplastida  (green algae, green seaweeds, land plants)


Amaryllis belladonna (March Lily, Belladonna)


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