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The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is legislatively tasked with overseeing biodiversity policy, research and conservation in South Africa. See the resources page for links to sources of abundant information on biodiversity in South Africa and beyond. SANBI
The Botanical Society of South Africa provides members with useful opportunities and resources, and is a strong supporter of biodiversity conservation in South Africa. Botanical Society of South Africa
Join iNaturalist managed in South Africa by SANBI. Participants can upload photographs and help each other in identifying them. Great way to learn more about South African biodiversity. iNaturalist
BirdLife South Africa promotes the enjoyment, conservation, study and understanding of wild birds and their habitats. There are numerous benefits to joining this society. You can also follow it on Facebook. Birdlife South Africa
Participate in documenting the distribution of South African birds through the Southern African Bird Atlas 2 project and/or follow this project on Facebook. South African Bird Atlas Project
Flora of Zimbabwe is a rich and informative site with thousands of images, many of which have been used, with permission, on Biodiversity Explorer. Flora of Zimbabwe
Flora of Mozambique is a companion site to Flora of Zimbabwe, rich in information and images. Flora of Mozambique

November 2018. Biodiversity Explorer was recently offline due to server issues. Besides resolving the server issues, the website has been given a facelift, errors drawn to our attention have been corrected, and broken links have been fixed.