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Contributors to Biodiversity Explorer

Many thanks to the following people who have contributed to Biodiversity Explorer in various ways. All their contributions are copyrighted to them or the institutions they work for. Please approach them directly if you wish to obtain permission to use whatever they have contributed.

Noel Ashton

We are most grateful to artist Noel Ashton for permitting us to use his wonderful paintings of whales and dolphins (Cetacea). For more on his art visit his website: www.noelashton.com.


Toby Austin

Contributed photographs of birds.


Tristan Bantock

Contributed photographs of birds.


Paul Brock

Paul wrote the text and supplied most of the images for the stick-insect pages.


Margie Cochrane

Margie was Collections Manager of the Iziko entomology collections in the South African Museum. She worked with Norman Larsen in producing and writing the arachnid pages and developed the beetle pages.


Raghnild and Neil Crawford

Contributed photographs of birds.


Stephen Davis

Contributed photographs of birds.


Callie de Wet

Contributed many wonderful bird and mammal photographs. website


Francois Dreyer

Contributed photographs of birds.


Johann du Preez

Contributed photographs of birds.


Tony Faria

Contributed photographs of birds.


Wayne Florence

Curator of Marine Invertebrates at Iziko SA Museum, and specialist on bryozoans. Wayne has developed most of the content for the marine invertebrate section of Biodiversity Explorer.


Philip Fourie

Contributed photographs of birds.


Martin Goodey

Contributed photographs of birds.


Neil Gray

Contributed photographs of birds.


Charles Griffiths

Zoologist, marine biologist, lecturer (at University of Cape Town), author and wildlife photographer. He has let us use many of his photographs, mainly of marine organisms and insects.


Mike Grimes

Contributed photographs of birds.


Johann Grobbelaar

A well-known photographer and birder, Johann travels southern Africa in search of rare and interesting birds to photograph and has contributed many bird photos to Biodiversity Explorer (see list).


Denise Hamerton

Curator of terrestrial vertebrates in the Iziko South African Museum. Denise has written the text for a number of the mammal species pages.


Trevor Hardaker

Contributed many mammal and bird photographs.


Stephen King

Stephen pioneered the development of the first version of Biodiversity Explorer in conjunction with Hamish Robertson. At the time, he was working at the SA Museum as a volunteer. He is now a computer sciences teacher in Yorkshire, England.


Norman Larsen

Norman wrote the text for the arachnid pages and has contributed many photographs, not only to the arachnids but to other groups as well such as insects and mammals.


Roger Middelton

Senior Lecturer in Biology, Department of Sciences, Molepolole College of Education, Botswana. Wrote the page on the Tardigrada (water bears or tardigrades).


Derek Ohland

Previously Senior Collections Manager of Earth Sciences collections and also manager of the marine mammal collections in the Iziko South African Museum (now retired). Derek wrote the text for the whale and dolphin pages.


Jessica P. Opfer

Contributed photographs of birds.


Mike Picker

Zoologist, entomologist, lecturer (retired from University of Cape Town), author and insect photographer. He and Charles Griffiths and Alan Weaving let us to use photographs from Field Guide to Insects of South Africa.


Jeff Poklen

Jeff lives in the USA but has visited South Africa and taken photographs of many bird species here, especially seabirds. His photos can be found at www.pbase.com/jpkln and he has generously let us draw on this collection for Biodiversity Explorer. We have also used photos he has taken in the USA of species that are vagrants here (e.g. Hudsonian godwit)


Hamish Robertson

Previously Director of Natural History Collections, and later Director Research and Exhibitions in Iziko Museums of South Africa (now retired). Joint founder of Biodiversity Explorer. Developed many web pages in various sections of the web site and also contributed many of the photographs.


David Robertson

David contributed images, mainly in the bird section.


Duncan Robertson

Duncan assisted extensively with the incorporation of images into Biodiversity Explorer, particulary for the bird and mammal sections. He also contributed many photographs and wrote the text for most of the bird species pages.


Jim Scarff

Contributed photographs of birds.


Andries Steenkamp

Contributed photographs of birds.


Lorinda Steenkamp

Contributed photographs of birds.


Peter Steyn

Well known bird photographer, author and specialist tour guide. He kindly provided us with many beautiful and useful photographs for the bird pages.


Deano Stynder

Previously Curator of Cenozoic collections at the Iziko South African Museum. Contributed to the page on Homo sapiens (Human being).


Kristian Svensson

Contributed photographs of birds.


Gwendolen Tee

Contributed photographs of birds.


Simon van Noort

Curator of Entomology collections in Iziko Museums of South Africa. Developed the Mantophasmatodea section and has contributed text and images to other insect pages. Simon's main contribution, however, has been the development of two major companion websites to Biodiversity Explorer:  Figweb, covering figs and fig wasps of the world, and Waspweb, covering the Hymenoptera of Africa south of the Sahara. He is the current project manager for Biodiversity Explorer.

e-mail svannoort@iziko.org.za


Johan van Rensburg

Contributed photographs of birds.


Isidro Vila Verde

Contributed photographs of birds.


Paul Zaayman

Contributed photographs of birds.