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the web of life in southern Africa

Genus: Scaevola

Life > eukaryotes > Archaeoplastida > Chloroplastida > Charophyta > Streptophytina > Plantae (land plants) > Tracheophyta (vascular plants) > Euphyllophyta > Lignophyta (woody plants) > Spermatophyta (seed plants) > Angiospermae (flowering plants) > Eudicotyledons > Core Eudicots > Asterids > Euasterid II > Order: Asterales > Family: Goodeniaceae

About 130 species, with most of them native to Australia but also distributed in Asia, the Pacific Islands and Africa. Two species are native to southern Africa.

Species native to southern Africa

List from Plants of southern Africa - an online checklist (SANBI) and Flora of Mozambique.

Scaevola plumieri

See Flora of Mozambique.

Scaevola sericea